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Free orthodontic consultation

If you want to find out if you could benefit from orthodontic treatment, book a free consultation with our treatment coordinator. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss the range of orthodontic treatment options we have available, find out which ones might be right for you, and ask any questions you have about the treatment process. This 15 minute appointment is free.

Full orthodontic assessment

If you’d like to progress with orthodontic treatment, we’ll need to carry out an extensive examination of your mouth. This is done by one of our specialist orthodontists. At this consultation, we’ll take radiographs of your teeth, if necessary, and advise you on which appliance is the best for you. We’ll also present you with a treatment plan that outlines the duration and cost of your treatment. This 30 minute appointment costs £75.

Transfer patient assessment

If you’re already undergoing orthodontic treatment, a 30 minute transfer examination with one of our specialist orthodontists will cost £150. We welcome new patients to our clinic but when you join our patient community we do require full details from your previous orthodontist, including original study models, radiographs, photographs, and a transfer letter. All of these records are required before an appointment can be booked.

New Technology Faster treatment No discomfort

At Aberdeen Orthodontics, our team uses the latest orthodontic technology to get
you the very best results. This includes:

  • 3D imaging of your teeth
  • Pre-treatment plans to identify the movement of your teeth
  • Customised appliances for a more comfortable fit

iTero scanner