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Retainer FAQ.

The most important step of your orthodontic journey happens after we reveal your brand new smile!

You have worked so hard to get here, and we want to make sure it’s worth it. We will therefore provide custom retainers to ensure you’re able to keep your beautiful results.

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Do I need to wear retainers?

Yes! If you want to keep your straight smile for the long run, it is important to wear your retainer as instructed by your Specialist Orthodontist. This will probably be full-time at first, but can move to nighttime-only wear after your teeth adjust to their new positions.

What are the types of retainers?

At Aberdeen Orthodontics we offer two types of custom retainers:

Fixed retainers: These are thin metal wires permanently fixed at the back of your teeth to comfortably maintain your smile. Take extra care to keep this area clean to avoid plaque from building up around your retainer.

Removable retainers: Removable retainers are similar to Invisalign® clear aligners that can be removed for meals and brushing or flossing. They are completely transparent and discreet.

How do I take care of my retainers?

Achieving a straighter smile is an amazing feeling, so we want to make sure it lasts you a lifetime. Here are the best ways to care for your removable retainers:

    • Make sure to wear your retainers as instructed by your Specialist Orthodontist.

    • Remove your retainers for meals, drinks or swimming.

    • When removing your retainers, put them back in the retainer case and do not wrap them inside a napkin. (You wouldn’t want to throw them out by accident!)

    • Keep your retainers away from high heat.

    • If you need to have your retainers replaced, please contact us right away.

      Yvonne Barrack

      ... Thanks for straightening my front teeth ...

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      Thanks for straightening my front teeth. Very professional/friendly staff. Make sure you’re happy with results all the way through your treatment. Highly recommended.

      Lesley Little

      ... I can't recommend these guys more highly ...

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      I can't recommend these guys more highly.  So professional in every way - they are communicative throughout and nothing is too much trouble when something goes wrong.  I'm about a year away from finishing my programme of treatment - I might even miss them when it's over!!!

      Do you have more questions about retainer care.

      Whether you’re looking to explore long-term smile straightening solutions or have questions about your retainers, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Aberdeen Orthodontics.

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