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A powerful way to straighten your smile in secret.

There's no need for metal brackets or wires or long NHS waiting lists. With Invisalign® treatment, we can straighten your smile quickly, discreetly and accurately using virtually invisible aligners.

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We are specialist orthodontists.

Mr Richard Buckle and Miss Johann Bell are specialists in their field. Their many years of training and orthodontics experience gives them the confidence and competence to give you a smile that not only looks fantastic, but works effectively too.

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Why choose us?

Clean and relaxed environment

Skip long NHS waitlists

Variety of payment options

30+ years experience

Remote treatment monitoring

Free and easy parking

Some of our smile transformations.

Here are some of the happy patients we’ve worked with to achieve striking results at our Aberdeen practice. This is what premium orthodontic care and leading technology can do for a smile!

before and afters

Sam Smith

... doctors guided me through the treatment with great care and support ...

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I've had nothing but the best treatment at Aberdeen Orthodontics. Each member of staff I've dealt with, from reception to my orthodontist Richard, have been helpful, easy to speak to, cheery and welcoming. Once in the chair Richard's chats would always put me at ease. I can't believe how quick my treatment has been and I am very happy with the final outcome. Would highly recommend again and again.

Konstantin Karman

... I can't believe how quick my treatment has been and I am very happy with the final outcome ...

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Absolutely great experience, took me a while to fix my badly corrupted smile, but totally worth it. Choosing Invisalign system over classic railway braces was right decision, no doubt about it. Clinic personnel is awesome, doctors guided me through the treatment with great care and support. Just follow the simple rules and the result will make you happy. I noticed constant development at the clinic, introducing new tools and equipment to help the patients. Self scanning tool was given to me so on time, right before lockdowns - I was able to send progress updates from home, eliminating regular visits to the clinic. I cannot recommend more. My best regards to Aberdeen Orthodontics!

Fixed braces - Premium treatments tailored just for you.

At Aberdeen Orthodontics, we believe there's an exact treatment option for everyone. With over 30 years of experience in transforming smiles - we're equipped to provide you with the best possible results through a wide variety of cutting-edge braces.

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How does it work?

From here to your best smile in three simple steps.



  • Full private orthodontic assessment 

  • Radiographs of your teeth

  • Advice on best treatment options for you



  • Your agreed treatment explained in detail

  • Your questions answered

  • A customised quote with payment options provided



  • Aligners fitted

  • Your journey to straighter teeth begins

  • We’re with you at every step, in person and via the Dental Monitoring app

Your specialist orthodontist in Aberdeen.

Between us, we’ve been crafting smiles for all ages for 30 years. As one of the top orthodontic practices in the area and an Invisalign Diamond provider, we combine our skills and expertise with cutting-edge technology and the latest techniques to give you a smile you can be proud of. Providing the highest level of orthodontic care throughout your treatment journey with us is what makes us smile the most. 

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Invisalign treatment at Aberdeen Orthodontics.

The clear choice for a straighter smile.

Invisalign® treatment is a virtually invisible way to straighten your smile without the need for brackets or wires. It uses a series of removable clear aligners to gradually move your teeth with comfort and convenience.

Every Invisalign® treatment is 100% bespoke. From children to adults - it is an incredibly efficient transparent appliance for straightening teeth. Learn more about how it works and why it might be a great choice for your smile goals.

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invisalign for teens
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Invisalign FAQs.

Is Invisalign as effective as traditional braces?

Yes! While the clear aligners are virtually invisible, the effects of the treatment are very noticeable. Invisalign aligners are moulded with machine precision, allowing each set to gently guide your teeth into proper alignment, with stunning and predictable results.

How long should I wear my Invisalign aligners for each day?

You can take your Invisalign aligners out for meals and for brushing and flossing. However, it is recommended to wear your aligners for 20-22 hours per day to get the best results in the least amount of time.

Do Invisalign aligners hurt?

While your aligners should be comfortable to wear, it’s completely normal to feel some tenderness for the first few days of wearing a new set. This should be easily remedied with over-the-counter pain relief and should subside as your teeth adjust to their new positions.

How long does it take to get straighter teeth with Invisalign?

Each smile is unique, and treatment time varies depending on your individual needs. Invisalign treatment can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months. Your specialist orthodontist here in Aberdeen will discuss the length of your Invisalign treatment plan with you during your assessment.

What kind of issues does Invisalign fix?

Invisalign can fix a wide variety of dental issues, ranging from underbites all the way to gapped teeth, leaving you with a straighter smile you’ll be proud to show off. 

Can people of any age have Invisalign aligners?

Invisalign can be used by patients of any age, as long as your full set of adult teeth have come through. Invisalign treatment can be completely customised for younger smiles, including for teens. For all age groups, Invisalign is designed to help you achieve your perfect smile, while maintaining your current lifestyle.

How do I know if Invisalign treatment is right for me?

During your free initial remote consultation with Aberdeen Orthodontics, your treatment coordinator will have an in-depth chat to understand your concerns and what you’re hoping to achieve. They’ll book an appointment for a new patient examination with one of our specialist orthodontists, who will do a full assessment and provide a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Specialist orthodontists with decades of experience.

Dr Richard Buckle and Dr Johann Bell are specialists in their field. Their many years of training gives them the confidence and competence to give you a smile that looks fantastic and works effectively.

With over 30 years of experience between them, our orthodontists are the top Invisalign® providers in the area, crafting over 150 stunning smiles with clear aligners each year. As specialists, they can turn their hand to any orthodontic system and have the expertise to treat even the most complex orthodontic issues with efficiency, comfort and care.

meet our team

Our specialist FAQs.

What qualifications do your specialist orthodontists hold?

Dr Buckle and Dr Bell have both completed a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, as well as vocational training and various hospital posts. They both joined the Specialist Orthodontic Training Programme at Birmingham and gained a Membership in Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons.In addition, they were awarded Master of Philosophy Degrees in Orthodontics from the University of Birmingham.

Who else makes up the Aberdeen Orthodontics team?

Our specialist orthodontists are supported by a skilled team of treatment coordinators, dental nurses, an orthodontic therapist and reception staff. We’re a friendly, caring team who love making a difference to our patients’ lives by putting the confidence back in their smile.

Will I see a specialist orthodontist on my first visit to the practice?

Your treatment journey with us usually begins with a private telephone consultation with our treatment coordinator. They’ll get to know you and understand what your concerns are, what you are looking to achieve, and discuss your treatment options and costs, before booking your appointment with one of our specialist orthodontists.

What treatments do your specialist orthodontists offer?

As specialists in orthodontics, straightening teeth is all we do so you're in good hands. Our highly skilled orthodontists have extensive experience in both traditional and clear appliances. They are experienced in treating patients of all ages too.

Saving you time with remote Dental Monitoring.

Dental Monitoring is a convenient and secure app that lets your orthodontist remotely check on the progress of your Invisalign treatment.

The cutting-edge smartphone app can save you time, with less trips to our practice. Simply upload photos of your smile and we’ll be able to see how your Invisalign aligners are working and provide you with feedback. It’s regular reassurance for you and your orthodontist that everything is going to plan with your Invisalign treatment. 

dental monitoring

Dental monitoring FAQs.

How does Dental Monitoring work?

Dental Monitoring enables us to track the movements of your teeth during your Invisalign treatment remotely via your smartphone. We can monitor you through all stages of your progress, with fewer appointments to fit into your busy schedule. From the convenience of your home or anywhere in the world, you can now communicate with the practice securely from the Dental Monitoring app and scan box.

Is the Dental Monitoring app difficult to use?

Not at all. It’s really easy to use and provides the functionality to send a secure message to ask questions about your treatment too. We’ll show you how it works when you visit our practice, so you’re confident about using the technology at home.

How will I know when it’s time to send an image?

You’ll need to take a picture of your smile on a weekly basis and send it to us via the app.  You will receive a reminder via the Dental Monitoring app when it’s due.

Will I still see my orthodontist in practice?

Yes, we will still see you for regular appointments. Dental Monitoring will help us keep an eye on your treatment more often than just your regular appointments, which can be weeks apart.

Achieve your smile goals with fixed braces.

Designed to apply gentle, continuous pressure to your teeth, fixed braces slowly move them into their desired position for a straighter smile. An extremely accurate solution that can be used to treat even complex orthodontic issues, fixed braces at Aberdeen Orthodontics are an efficient and comfortable solution for a straighter smile.

We use leading technology to create braces for a bespoke fit, designed to give you predictable and stunning results that can also vastly improve your oral health.

fixed braces

Fixed braces FAQs.

What are my fixed braces options at Aberdeen Orthodontics?

We pride ourselves on offering the latest orthodontic techniques and technologies available. Our fixed brace options include metal fixed braces and Clarity™ Advanced braces, which use clear ceramic brackets that blend in with the colour of your teeth. 

How do fixed braces work?

Braces work by gradually straightening your smile through the use of brackets and archwires. Small brackets are attached to the surface of your teeth, connected with a thin metal wire and held in place with elastics. This system creates gentle pressure to align your smile.

Are fixed braces suitable for patients of all ages?

We believe that it's never too late to achieve your dream smile and are proud to offer an exact treatment for everyone. We offer private fixed brace solutions for adults and children.

What are the benefits of fixed braces?

Apart from the straighter smile you will enjoy at the end of your treatment, one of the benefits of fixed braces is that they can’t be removed until your treatment is complete. With no temptation to take out your braces, we are able to provide accurate timescales for treatment.

Are fixed braces comfortable?

The good news is that having your braces fitted shouldn’t cause too much discomfort and because your braces are custom-made, they are designed to be comfortable to wear. You may feel slight pressure at first and when the braces are tightened, but any discomfort should ease quickly. 

Will I need to visit the practice for regular appointments with fixed braces?

To progress through treatment with fixed braces, you will come to our practice for regular adjustment appointments, where your specialist orthodontist will place precise bends in the archwires to guide your teeth into the desired position. We’ll discuss a treatment plan with you during an initial assessment.

Your journey to a straighter smile in Aberdeen.

Achieving your best smile with Aberdeen Orthodontics is a simple process. It all begins with a free consultation with our expert team, and a full orthodontic assessment and a chat about the best treatment options for you. We’ll be able to give you an idea of costs, payment options and different timescales too.

Throughout your treatment journey you’ll be in the very capable hands of our specialist orthodontists, who will advise and inform you on progress each step of the way. 

Treatment journey FAQs.

Will my first consultation be in practice or remote?

The first step to treatment at Aberdeen Orthodontics, is an in-depth qualifying call with our treatment coordinator. This is free and takes place by telephone. It usually takes around 20 minutes, during which time we get to know you and understand what your concerns are, what you are looking to achieve, and discuss your treatment options and costs.

Do you see NHS patients?

At Aberdeen Orthodontics, we specialise in providing private orthodontic treatment plans tailored to your unique needs. We do not currently offer NHS treatment options. If you're interested in exploring our private treatment options or have any questions, please feel free to reach out. We're here to help you achieve a healthy and confident smile.

What happens after my initial remote consultation?

Your treatment coordinator will make an appointment for you to come into our practice for a new patient examination with one of our specialist orthodontists.

Is there a charge for my first appointment?

Your initial remote consultation is free of charge. When you visit us in practice for an assessment with our orthodontists, the charge is £75, which is taken upfront.

Can I book directly with a specialist orthodontist and skip the free consultation?

If you already have an idea of the treatment you need, you can book in directly with our specialist orthodontist. However, we will still call you prior to your appointment, for a short initial chat to get to know you.

Are there PAYMENT plans available at Aberdeen Orthodontics?

To help keep your treatment affordable, we have a range of flexible finance options available, including monthly payments with no deposit required, and 0% APR options. Our treatment coordinator will be happy to answer any questions about our payment plans at your initial consultation. 

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