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Our technologies.

At Aberdeen Orthodontics, we believe one of the best ways to make you smile is through a comfortable and convenient treatment journey.

By using state-of-the-art equipment, we’re able to reduce treatment time and make your experience with us more enjoyable.

Our commitment to learning and innovation means we stay updated with the latest technology available in orthodontics. We take pride in giving our patients premium care and convenience through bespoke appliances and leading-edge equipment.

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Dental Monitoring.

Remote Check-ins whenever, wherever

Dental Monitoring is the smartphone app that’s revolutionising the world of orthodontics. This allows us to track your Invisalign® treatment progress wherever you are. Skip the trip to our practice just by taking a selfie! Easy, fast, efficient.

How does Dental Monitoring work?
Dental Monitoring is paired with Invisalign® treatment. During your first consultation at our practice, we’ll use our iTero Scanner to create a digital model of your smile. We will use this model to design your custom aligners and compare your progress with your treatment plan.

This means we can monitor your treatment progress through remote check-ins. Just send us weekly selfies through the Dental Monitoring app so we can ensure all is going well - and maybe even speed up treatment!

3D iTero Scanner.

6,000 images in a single second

With more than 48.5 million scans made, the iTero Scanner has reshaped the world of orthodontics. Its main goal? To elevate clinical precision and enhance our patient experience.

How does the 3D iTero Scanner work?
The iTero Scanner is fast, reliable and intuitive. It allows us to diagnose and plan treatment for orthodontic issues with absolute confidence and outstanding precision.

Thanks to this technology, we can do away with bite moulds and take thousands of pictures of your teeth and jaw using a small scanning wand. These images will be used to craft a bespoke treatment programme for you - allowing for accurate, stunning results.

Picture your best smile yet
When you come in for your Invisalign® consultation at Aberdeen Orthodontics, we will use our iTero Scanner to make a 3D model of your exact smile. Through this model, you will be able to see what your progress will look like at every stage of your Invisalign® treatment.

Sally Hamm

... near weekly monitoring and the final result has exceeded expectations ...

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I have found Aberdeen Orthodontics to be exceptionally professional, friendly and efficient whilst undergoing treatment with them over the past 12 months. The thorough consultation, near weekly monitoring and the final result has exceeded expectations. I am thrilled with the result of my teeth and very pleasantly surprised at how easy and pain free the treatment was. One of the big advantages for me was the digital monitoring service which allowed me to make less trips to the orthodontist chair whilst receiving more of my orthodontist’s time and care. When I did visit for an appointment it was always easy (private car park helped), the team were very friendly and my appointment was always on time. I highly recommend Aberdeen Orthodontics to anyone looking to better their teeth.

Konstantin Karman

... constant development at the clinic, introducing new tools and equipment to help the patients ...

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Absolutely great experience, took me a while to fix my badly corrupted smile, but totally worth it. Choosing Invisalign system over classic railway braces was right decision, no doubt about it. Clinic personnel is awesome, doctors guided me through the treatment with great care and support. Just follow the simple rules and the result will make you happy. I noticed constant development at the clinic, introducing new tools and equipment to help the patients. Self scanning tool was given to me so on time, right before lockdowns - I was able to send progress updates from home, eliminating regular visits to the clinic. I cannot recommend more. My best regards to Aberdeen Orthodontics!

The future has never been clearer.

Book a consultation with our team at Aberdeen Orthodontics today. We can answer all your questions about Dental Monitoring and our cutting-edge 3D iTero Scanner so you can see how convenient your treatment journey can be.

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