Braces for adults

It’s never too late to achieve your dream smile

Whether you’re looking for a discreet way to straighten your smile or a removable option for important events, we offer a variety of premium brace options to suit your lifestyle and smile goals.

How do braces work?

Braces work by gradually straightening your smile through the use of brackets and archwires. Small brackets are attached to the surface of your teeth, connected with a thin metal wire and held in place with elastics. This system creates gentle pressure to align your smile.

In order to progress through treatment, you will come to our practice for regular appointments so your Specialist Orthodontist can make targeted bends in your archwires. These adjustments will help guide your teeth into their optimal positions over time.

How do braces work?

Types of braces we offer

At Aberdeen Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on offering the latest orthodontic techniques and technologies available. Here are some of the top-quality treatment options we have on offer for our adult patients:

Insignia™ braces

Ultimate comfort, complete customisation

Insignia™ braces use metal brackets and archwires made with machine precision and accuracy thanks to 3D imaging. The result? A 100% bespoke fit designed to give you predictable and stunning results. These are your traditional braces made more comfortable than ever.

Clarity™ Advanced clear braces

Traditional precision with a subtle look

Clarity™ Advanced braces use the same teeth straightening methods as metal braces - but with one difference. They use clear ceramic brackets that blend in with the colour of your teeth. This makes them perfect for client-facing professionals or anyone looking for a subtler aesthetic.

Invisible braces

Virtually invisible - and removable too

Looking to straighten your smile in secret? Invisalign® treatment does exactly that. This treatment option uses a series of clear removable aligners (much like thin sports mouthguards) to gradually straighten your teeth with precision and comfort.

Types of braces we offer

Benefits of braces

Braces are well-loved by our patients because they:

  • Are extremely accurate
  • Can be used to treat even complex orthodontic issues
  • Are more efficient and comfortable than ever before
  • Come in affordable and discreet treatment options
  • Use cutting-edge technology
  • Can vastly improve your oral health
Benefits of braces

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