3D iTero Scanner

The 3D iTero Scanner is revolutionising the world of orthodontics. Brought to you by the makers of Invisalign® clear aligners, the iTero Scanner provides Specialist Orthodontists more control over Invisalign® treatment than ever before. What’s more, this amazing scanning device is greatly improving the experience of our patients.

How does the iTero Scanner work?

Thanks to the iTero Scanner, we can do away with uncomfortable bite moulds and make treatment more enjoyable for our patients. This advanced intra-oral scanner works by taking thousands of pictures of your teeth and jaw using a small scanning wand. In fact, the iTero Scanner can take 6,000 images of your mouth in just one second! These images can then be turned into an extremely accurate digital model of your smile. This model will be used to craft your bespoke treatment programme and allows for more accurate, custom results.

iTero digital scanner

See the future with a smile simulation

When you come in for your free Invisalign® consultation at Aberdeen Orthodontics, we will utilise our iTero Scanner to make a 3D model of your exact smile. Through the software at our practice, we can use this model to show you what your smile will look like each step of the way through Invisalign® treatment. You will know exactly what to expect, and can feel confident in the outcome of your treatment.

iTero digital scanner

Ready to see your future smile?

Join us at our practice for a free consultation to see how iTero digital scanner can fit treatment seamlessly into your schedule.

iTero digital scanner