Orthodontic treatment costs

Orthodontic treatment can be affordable – and at Aberdeen Orthodontics we aim to ensure all our patients can afford the straight teeth and beautiful smile they’ve always wanted.

We treat every patient differently here at Aberdeen Orthodontics, and by that we mean no one size fits all. Each of our patients has a different orthodontic problem, requires different orthodontic treatment and achieves a different result that is specific just to them.

This also means the cost of your treatment differs from the next patient. When you come in for your orthodontic consultation we will assess your teeth, identify the treatment you need, and create a bespoke treatment plan for you, complete with a quote for the treatment you need – and you only.

Costs and Plans Invisalign Ceramic Fixed Braces Metal Fixed Braces
Treatment Cost From £1100-£4400 £2200-£4400 £1650-£3300
Payment Plans
Starting from £22.12 per month Starting from £44.23 per month Starting from £33.17 per month
Based on a total treatment cost of £1100 Based on a total treatment cost of £2200 Based on a total treatment cost of £1650
60 months £0 deposit 60 months £0 deposit 60 months £0 deposit

Finance options

To help make treatment at Aberdeen Orthodontics even more affordable, we have a range of finance options available and can work with you on creating a payment plan that suits you. Our practice administrator, Katrina, can help you with this information at your free consultation.

Cost and finance

Start your journey to straight teeth

Now that you know orthodontic treatment is affordable, book a free consultation with our friendly team at Aberdeen Orthodontics and find out how we can help you.

Cost and finance