Functional appliance… do’s & don’ts

Keep your brace in at all times except for eating, cleaning and contact sports, unless advised otherwise by your Orthodontist.


Avoid chocolate, boiled or chewy sweets, toffees, etc. If chewing gum ensure it is sugar free. Avoid biting hard crunchy foods such as ice, crusty bread/pizzas crusts, chewing pens, etc. Hard foods such as apples should be cut into small bite size pieces.

Avoid fizzy drinks, sports drinks and flavoured water, including diet varieties. Fruit juices and diluting juice still have acidic content so these should be avoided. Water and plain milk are best.

Tooth brushing is very important and should be done at least 3 times a day, and after eating. Your toothbrush should be taken to school/work, or whenever you go out. A fluoride mouthwash should be used on a daily basis at a different time to brushing. Disclosing tablets should be used on a weekly basis.

Functional Appliances

A Spiral toothbrush is useful for cleaning in between brackets where a normal toothbrush can’t always reach and should be used twice daily. Insufficient cleaning of your brace and teeth will lead to permanent marking of your teeth.

You may experience some discomfort when your brace is first fitted and again when the brace is adjusted. Painkillers that are normally taken for a headache can be used. Do not repeatedly click the brace in and out with your tongue as this will break the wires and increase the length of treatment time.

Functional Appliances

If your brace breaks or is giving you severe prolonged discomfort, don’t wait for your next routine appointment, get in touch to arrange a sooner visit.

Frequent breakages will increase the length of your treatment. A charge will be made for replacement of lost appliances or appliances damaged beyond repair.

You need to carry on seeing your regular dentist for checkups throughout your Orthodontic Treatment. Bring your braces to every appointment with your Orthodontist!

Functional Appliances