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At Aberdeen Orthodontics we make sure all of our patients receive excellent care :

NHS orthodontic treatment is available for children under 18 years of age subject to certain conditions. Children must be referred to us by their dentist in order to be assessed for NHS treatment.

The NHS have set out guidelines on the conditions which will be funded by the NHS. In general only moderate to severe orthodontic conditions will be funded by the NHS. Following an assessment visit we will advise you whether you will qualify for treatment under the NHS. The range of braces and techniques available on NHS funding is limited. If the NHS will not fund we have a full range of self funded treatments, and can provide interest free finance subject to status.

If appliances are lost or broken, the Health Board may charge for replacements.

The NHS regulations can be seen on the Practitioners Services in Edinburgh web site.


The British Orthodontic Society also have very good information on the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need scale


Private Orthodontics

A full range of orthodontic treatments can be invested in for patients that are not eligible for NHS orthodontics or wish to have cosmetic type appliances.

There are a few choices available with making a private Orthodontics appointment with Aberdeen Orthodontics;

Treatment Coordinator appointment

This is an informal chat with a treatment coordinator where you will be advised of all the appliances’ we offer, what can be achieved with each and the costs. This appointment gives you the time to ask any questions you may have before embarking on Orthodontic treatment.

This appointment lasts approximately 20 minutes and is completely free!

Consultation appointment

A consultation is with a Specialist Orthodontist who will carry out an extensive examination of your mouth. You will then be advised of the options best suited to achieve the desired outcome. After the Consultation you may wish to go away & think things over.

This appointment lasts approximately 30 minutes and costs £75.00 Should you wish to go ahead with treatment after the Consultation, you will then need a Records appointment.

Consultation and records appointment

This is a combined appointment where a specialist Orthodontist will carry out an extensive examination of your mouth, take radiographs if necessary, impressions and advise which option is the best for yourself. A treatment plan will then be advised and agreed.

This appointment lasts approximately 40 minutes and costs £150.00

Consultation & Records is ideal if you have decided you would like Orthodontic treatment and are keen to get started, however there is still no obligation at this stage.